Tooth Cleaning

 Application may differ according to patients' specific condition and needs, but in general APAPRO should be applied on a clean tooth surface, using either a rubber cup or similar soft polishing attachment fitted to a dental contra, or a customized tray prepared to fit the patient’s dentition. Very gentle, if possible non-mechanical cleaning is advised, for example using a solvent such as sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) gel, capable of removing organic substances such as plaque and stains, or in the case of exposed dentin, collagen fibers. 

The gel should be applied to each tooth surface for 20-30 seconds (up to 1 minute for stubborn stains), taking care to avoid gum contact, using a one-tuft brush or similar hand instrument, and treating only several teeth at a time. If mechanical cleaning is unavoidable, a prophy paste with the lowest possible RDA abrasiveness is advised.

Use with a Rubber Cup

  When applying the paste to all teeth, for example for general maintenance, about 2g (roughly a 2cm strip) of paste for the upper teeth and a similar amount for the lower teeth should be used, applying a small amount with the rubber cup to each individual tooth as shown.

Use 1-2g (roughly a 1-2cm strip) of APAPRO each for the upper and lower dentition in the case 
of general use, or the same amount for any individual tooth that requires more specific care. 

Rotating the cup at low speed (500-750 rpm), massage the paste gently into the tooth surface for 20-30 seconds for surfaces needing special care and 5-10 seconds for general maintenance, until just a small amount of paste is left on the teeth, taking care to massage the full surface of each tooth, including interproximal angles, as shown below, and around the gingival margin, right to the biting edge.

Massage APAPRO into each tooth at low speed (500-750rpm), until just a small amount of paste remains

Unwaxed microfiber or sponge-type dental floss may also be used to spread the paste between the teeth, as protection against interproximal caries, before finally rinsing off lightly with water.

Use with a Customized Tray

  In-office application using a customized tray prepared to fit the patient's dentition is also recommended, depending on the patient's needs. In cases of severe surface abrasion, dentinal hypersensitivity or mineral loss, where treatment over time is advisable, professional care may be supplemented by providing the patient with a personal-use customized tray and an individual pack of APAPRO paste for once-daily or once-weekly home use, according to the dentist’s instructions. Patients should preferably use the paste after brushing their teeth before bed at night, spreading it thinly in the tray and placing the tray firmly over the teeth, as instructed, for 5 minutes, after which the tray should be removed and washed and the mouth lightly rinsed with water.
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