Sangi research wins Engineering Society award

23. April 2015
A research publication presenting early results of Sangi’s hydroxyapatite powder jet deposition (PJD)-based new dental treatment technology project, conducted in conjunction with Tohoku University’s Graduate School of Medical Engineering (Prof. Tsunemoto Kuriyagawa) and Graduate School of Dentistry (Prof. Keiichi Sasaki), and Yamase Electric Co., Ltd., has received an outstanding research award from Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, Japan’s largest academic conference group, at its annual meeting in Tokyo.
The awards, established in 1958, are intended to promote new Japanese leading-edge technologies.
The award-winning report, entitled ‘Creation of a New Surface Layer of Hydroxyapatite on Tooth Enamel by Powder Jet Deposition,’ describes the fundamental principles of PJD using hydroxyapatite, including optimum coating conditions, powder specifications, and methods to assess surface layer formation.