APAGARD Premio wins Japanese Medical Health award

9. Dezember 2014
We are delighted to announce that APAGARD Premio has won the Medical Health Award 2014
The Medical Health Award was established by the Japanese Society of Medical Health Science to specifically honor companies that have developed, manufactured, and marketed products contributing to medical health. The award is designed with the intention of recommending those products and companies. 
For the second award in 2014, five products were selected among about 3,000 products deemed to benefit health. The awards ceremony was held on December 6.
Sangi, as a pioneer in remineralizing toothpaste, is committed to the promotion of research and development in the pursuit of healthier, whiter, brighter, and more beautiful teeth.


  • Premium Pflege
  • Verbesserter Weißgrad und Glanz
  • Schutz vor Karies
  • Enthält auch Xylitol
  • Ohne Fluorid