APAGARD PREMIO ranked Japan's Most Popular Dental Product

2. Dezember 2015
APAGARD PREMIO, the premium product in Sangi’s APAGARD high-quality remineralizing toothpaste line-up, has been awarded the inaugural ‘No.1 Best Oral Care Product’ award in a new ranking created in 2015 by Japan’s leading personal care and beauty products consumer opinion website, @COSME. It was the first time for @COSME to include oral care products in its annual consumer ranking awards.
The new award was based on opinions posted on the site during the year from 1 Nov 2014 to 31 Oct 2015 by 677,179 @COSME members registering their consumer experiences, likes and dislikes, with regard to 50,512 products in the cosmetics, beauty and personal care fields. Second and third ranking for oral care products went to toothbrushes, while other toothpaste products ranked in fourth position and below, further emphasizing the strong popularity of APAGARD Premio among beauty-conscious Japanese consumers.


  • Premium Pflege
  • Verbesserter Weißgrad und Glanz
  • Schutz vor Karies
  • Enthält auch Xylitol
  • Ohne Fluorid